Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is one of the most commonly used in the industry, and it is suitable for separating materials which have magnetism differences. Magnetic separator can be widely used in mining machinery, timber, ceramics, chemistry and food, etc. industries.
Applications: Magnetic separator is used for particle size below 3mm magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials wet magnetic separator, and also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials iron remover.

Working Principles

The material is evenly distributed to the magnetic field area above the rotating roller. The magnetic material is adsorbed on the surface of the roller and rotates with the roller.Because the non-magnetic particles and the magnetic particles are subjected to different magnetic forces in the magnetic field, the magnetic particles are absorbed by the magnetic field on the surface of the roller and are carried to the non-magnetic region.Non-magnetic and weakly magnetic particles are subjected to different magnetic forces.

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Magnetic separator has compact structure, no cooling system, no power excitation system, automatic rectifying belt, simple structure, large capacity, easy to operate, easy to maintain and so on.

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