T130X Superfine Grinding Mill

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill is developed from TGM overpressure trapezoidal pulverizer which has several patents.Optimized T130X ultrafine volume.The classifier with high density impeller is adopted in the mill, which can improve the output and production of the final product.
Applications:Cement, coal, power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.

Working Principles

The jaw crusher will crush the large material to the size required by the main machine, and then lift the broken material to the hopper through the bucket elevator, and then through uniform, continuous vibration feeder to the crushing chamber for grinding.The powder moves upward with the airflow. After separation by the classifier, the powder meeting the fineness requirement enters the separator through the pipe for collection and separation, and is discharged from the discharge valve as a finished product.The air is drawn into the blower through a return duct above the cyclone collector.The closed negative pressure air circulation system ensures the site environmental health of the production line.

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1.Host and base are completely soft linked, not rigid contact.The vibration from the chamber to the main engine and classifier is avoided, and the precision of the classifier is improved.
2.The base is made of crack resistant ductile iron, with cast steel strength, vibration and impact resistance of cast iron.
3.The reducer simulated by Flanders, Germany is adopted.Make full use of the technical advantages of professional reducer manufacturers to improve the stability of the machine.The reducer and motor are connected by a triangular belt for overload protection.
4.The main frame and reducing pipe are connected through elastic sleeve pin to prevent the nylon pin from breaking and improve the reliability of the whole equipment.
5.The classifier adopts high-density impeller, which can improve fineness and capacity.Practice shows that the fineness of the finished product can be improved by increasing blade density at constant speed.In other words, in the same fineness of the condition, high density impeller rotation speed is slower than the low density impeller rotation speed.Reduced air resistance and increased production.
6.The classifier adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is characterized by energy saving, high precision, good process control maneuverability and high degree of automation.
7.The bypass dust collector with the dust isolation chamber allows more dust to enter the bottom of the cyclone separator through the bypass system to prevent dust from escaping through the ventilation holes.Compared with the general powder collector, it has the characteristics of low pressure loss and high efficiency, which is especially beneficial to collect the powder particles that are difficult to collect.
8.The same resistance arrangement avoids power differences from the two powder collectors, resulting in improved efficiency, capacity, and reduced internal circulation.
9.The dust collector is in the same row with the discharge port of the dust collector, which facilitates the collection and packaging of powder materials and reduces the workload.
10.Maintenance platform makes maintenance work safer and more convenient.

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